Precious Moments Of Joy With Roses

Appreciating roses and am grateful for their fragrance.

Dr. Preeti Singh
4 min readJun 17, 2022


Author’s own picture ©Dr. Preeti Singh, 2022.

I have visited rose gardens in many countries and cities in the world. Some roses seem very attractive to me though I spend a lot of time with them.

I find the best roses in the Berkeley rose garden. I always wonder why even though California is a rain deficit area, interesting aspects of vegetation grow over here with ease.

Bottle brushes are full-on trees in Berkeley. Succulents that never grow in the Indian climate grow here everywhere and the roses are the best!

Even my grandkids know how much I love to visit the rose garden and they want to be part of my visit.

This afternoon I finally visited the rose garden. My grandkids were excited and they ran here and there showing me the different varieties of plants.

There were climbers, bunches, and single and double roses and amazing colors. It was as if a palette of colors were brush-painted. I appreciated the beauty of the flowers and felt gratitude for it too.

I was transported to a world of beauty. I was full of ecstasy as I became part of the blooms of roses. I was mindful of the moment and in full appreciation of the special moments of joy.

When I saw a brilliant purple I could not resist sharing it with everyone.

Photo by the author ©Dr. Preeti Singh, 2022.

A thorn pricked me and I felt the salt and sweetness of life. A thorn protects the roses from people. It pricks you the moment you try to touch it.

In life, there are moments of happiness and sadness. Happiness is when like a rose you bloom and sadness is when you have thorns around you.

Enjoy every moment of happiness and peace and be in gratitude for it. When there are challenges be calm and in gratitude. It will pass.

Love comes from different areas from unexpected sources.



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