Folks Why Not Choose Lucky Number 13

A number no one likes

Dr. Preeti Singh
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I Phone lucky number 13

Is I Phone 13 unlucky? No not at all! I phone sold over 40 million phones during the holiday season in January 2022 says the analyst Wedbush

“The sales for the iPhone 13 have exceeded the iPhone 12, which already had record-breaking numbers. Sales of the iPhone 13 in the U.S. for the first six weeks were approximately 14% higher than the iPhone 12 during the same period” -Hypebeast.

So number 13 as believed is not unlucky. The myth that goes around is if you take the number 13 you are doomed.

The lady and the bank manager

Yesterday, I was at the bank. I wanted to operate my locker. While the bank manager went to take the keys one lady barged in and started shouting.

“You offered me a locker. How could you? the number was 13. I will not take it. I will report you to your senior manager.”

The manager felt offended and was probably a little gruff when he said “the letter has been sent by the senior manager”

The story did not end there. There was a war of words and then the bank manager turned to me and said: “sorry mam you came first and I have made you wait already for 20 minutes.”

The lady continued to shout and said that she should be served first. Her problem must be solved first.

The bank manager turned out to try and make me his alibi and on a friendly note, he said “mam explain to this lady that she should take number 13 as it does not really matter what number she gets”.

The lady glared at me and said, “you dare not explain to me. You take number 13 if you want.”

I told her I already had a locker and have the same one for years and the bank’s rules do not interchange lockers in this fashion.

While listening to her I was compassionate and I thought of my mother who would also never take number 13 but probably she would not shout like the present lady. She would patiently put her foot down.

I remember as a young kid my brother wanted to buy a cycle on the 13th of the month but she would not let him buy it because…



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