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I am Dr Preeti Singh. I am from India and live in New Delhi. have been in the academic sphere for five decades. The two main places of work in education have been at Jesus and Mary College. (University of Delhi) and Jagannath International Management School (JIMS) Kalkaji where I was Head, Post Graduate Department of International Business Management. Apart from these positions, I also got many deputations in various prestigious departments of Delhi University.

I was Managing Editor of Journal 8M (The…


My hope is to see love and happiness in the world with equality of women in society

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Do I want to be a woman?

If someone asks me do I want to be a woman in my next life I will say I love to be a woman always provided I am given equality with men.

What is wrong with me? Why should I be treated as someone below men? I am not and I do not want to be.

This is however wishful thinking for one of the biggest problems of society is inequality.

Women are the backbone of every society and yet they are not treated equally. Why?

I keep hoping that society will treat women and men with the same flavor…


Who is to judge human behavior and how it affects life

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Tony meets Christina

Tony saw Christina in a fleeting glance at a coffee bar. He fell in love at first sight. She affected him all the time. Who was she? Where did she come from? He did not know.

The next day he went to the coffee bar again and she was there. He went directly towards her and invited her to have coffee with him. Then they started meeting every day and having coffee together. There was a strange bond between them.

They would look at each other for a long time and he never asked her name. One day she said…


Readers hope and we fulfill their dreams by publishing their articles

Image by the author clicked by a friend.

Introducing ‘Readers Hope’

A big warm hello from the editor's desk! New readers, I love you all and welcome you to our new Illumination integrated publication ‘Readers Hope’ founded by our energetic forward-thinking, and wonderful founder Dr. Mehmet Yildiz.

He always has new ideas bouncing in his head. This time he wants to help new writers and wants us editors along with him to help them write wonderful stories.

I have just completed one year at Medium and this is like a gift given to me. I am a professor by profession and I enjoy mentoring. I guess this is why Dr.Mehmet …


My featured stories on Illumination integrated publications celebrating one year at Medium

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I love to write about people and their beautiful stories submitted to Illumination integrated publications.

I enjoy writing sometimes about people individually and sometimes about a collection of stories from different people as editor’s choice.

I have just completed one year at Medium and I feel that illumination publications are very special for me. My first article was published in Illumination and my hand holding was started by Geetika Sethi who introduced me to Dr. Mehmet Yildiz. He invited me to be a writer in all his publications and subsequently become an editor too.

I find Medium very engaging and…


I fell sick due to mosquitoes during my vacation

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Mosquitoes love me and suck my blood

Mosquitoes bite me all the time. You will see my forehead red or my cheeks full of mosquito bites as it sucks my blood. Often people say that if you are of the blood group of O+ they are bound to find you attractive. I do not know if this is true or just a fallacy or a myth.

In my home, mosquitoes steer clear of my husband and only suck my blood. His blood group is B+ and he boasts the mosquitoes do not go near him.

For days my face is red with mosquitoes troubling me. They find…


No more stereotype careers but unconventional jobs to look forward to in the future of work.

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The future of work is completely dependant on how creative a person you are? How can you work with other team members who may be working in physical proximity or far away from you in remote locations? It is dependant on flexibility and the curiosity to learn unlearn and relearn new things and in new ways.

The future of work

No more conventional jobs. The future is bright. Parents do not insist on science, technology engineering, and maths (STEM). The merit of STEM cannot be undermined. However, these are no longer the only interest of young people.

Now young people have a wide choice…

Manage people to work with happiness

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I worked in an organization where females were floating in different positions. I was the middle management head and above me, there were three super bosses.

All the three bosses above me were male. Look at the irony! No female in the highest platform and only 3 males in the junior and middle level. It was rather an unequal situation of male-female spread.

The idea here however is not the male-female projection or diversity but the point that I had only 3 people above me and they were all males. …


The opportunities to make the use of money efficient through IoT and AI

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The monetary world and IoT and AI

Money has the value of time.

If monetary transactions are not made in the timeframe that they are required, heavy losses will occur to those transacting them.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) together create a powerful visualization effect of the exchange of data and help in making money management efficient.

Monetary transactions are useful in all dimensions of life, concerning individuals and corporate organizations.

Where do we use monetary transactions?

The usual activities where we make the maximum use of monetary transactions are for the stock market transactions in purchase and sale of shares, banking, making…

Dogs can love you or hate you it is for you to find out

Author’s own picture of Xena and Matilda dogs

Pets in my home

Do you have pets? Have you ever kept a dog?

I never had a dog as a pet. Why?

My mother never liked to keep dogs. She would say it is difficult to look after them. So I grew up seeing parrots, birds, and cows in my house but not dogs or cats.

When I got married, my husband was also not interested in pets. Moreover, I always felt that pets needed space, like the type I had as a kid living in a very big house with a garden and orchard.

In Delhi (India)space is scarce and so we…

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