Introducing myself -November 2021

Academician, Doctorate, and professor of finance, author, nature lover, yoga enthusiast, enjoy style in life, eternally happy.

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My introduction

Let me introduce myself. I am Dr.Preeti Singh. I began my journey with Medium in September 2020 and enjoy contributing to different publications. I love to connect with people. I like to read…


Spend time on social media but do not spend too much time on it

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Why social media?

Are you on social media? It is hard to say no today. The choices are many. From Facebook to Instagram, Snap Chat, Tick Tock, Twitter, YouTube, Whatsapp, Pinterest to Linkedin, you can choose any of them.

The most likely choice of people is to be where the friends are active…


Three lovely stories that I read this week on Coffee Times

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My surprise packages in January 2022

Hello dear friends! Do you like surprise packages?

I sometimes do enjoy them. This year I received some surprises during the new year in January 2022.

Can you guess what it could be? I won’t let you wait. I am so excited that I will immediately spill the beans.

You have a choice to create good vibes and look for a publication of your choice.

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A submission guideline is a clear path for writers to follow while submitting an article to a publication.

The road is straight and direct when you follow the right path but when you digress then you keep looking out for the right direction.

Wise people follow the right path

Creating good vibes


I can tell you with personal experience

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Does an editor read the article before publishing it?

A question asked by some writers was “Does an editor read the whole article before publishing it”

The answer is simple- An editor cannot ethically publish something without reading it.

An editor’s job is most difficult. The editor has to do justice. Does the article fall within the framework of…


How interaction with children can be motivating.

Children’s Christmas Party — Author’s own pictures.

Children’s Christmas party

I was invited by Tanvi to a children’s Christmas party as a guest of honor. I was to judge events that children played and also give away prizes. She has quite a few events with children. This one was special. I got a wonderful chance to interact with children. …


Happiness is through loving bonds with friends

Author with friends ( from Author’s collection of pictures)

I love to meet my friends and maintain my friendship with people. I still have some childhood school friends & college friends. Many of my friends have passed the test of strong bonds for more than four decades and some are nearing golden jubilee too.

These friends I am writing…


Interaction and shoutouts from audience is motivating

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Audience engagement is a great motivator. It builds an emotional connection and inspires people to be positive and motivates them to achieve great heights in life.

The audience has great power to raise your spirits. Let me share one incident with you:

I went to a music concert

Last week of December 2021, I went to…

Dr. Preeti Singh

Doctorate in Finance, Professor, Author, I write about Life’s experiences, edutech. Top writer in poetry, travel, and future.

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