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I am Dr Preeti Singh. I am from India and live in New Delhi. have been in the academic sphere for five decades. The two main places of work in education have been…


Rebranding the popular social media Facebook

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Facebook is changing its name?

This afternoon I was invited to a lunch party. Do you know what transpired there? An excited group of people telling each other that Facebook is reinventing itself. Surprisingly, in India, our domestic staff is also hooked on Facebook.

Facebook has become a cult. Youngsters do not like Facebook as…


How do we stop attackers?

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Cyber security for health care?

Do we need security for health? Why? Let me answer this question. One of the leading cyber security and health professional states

“Cyber has become dinner table conversation. Every executive knows that cybersecurity is an issue. Our parents and grandparents know that cybersecurity is an issue. It’s not a hidden…


Puzzled? let us find out about Data Science and Data Analytics

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Data science and data analytics

Harvard Business Review article declared data scientist to be the sexiest job of the 21st century. But is working with data still a novel or as exciting as it was then? Data scientists’ most basic, universal skill is the ability to write code.

Now, what exactly is data science, and…

Living with love is my lifeline

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Love is the essence of my life
A joy to spread the love around,
An inner feeling of exuberance,
Expressed with feelings and emotions.

A world of love to give space to all,
Love multiplies when you share it,
Love is a feeling within a human mind,
To cherish when others are happy…

A memorable fun visit to the Museo Camera

Picture by the author with a friend. Picture taken by a visitor

Plan to visit the camera museum for coffee fun

My friend Mala called up. She was very excited! “What shall we do today? Can we go for a long drive to the city adjoining Delhi?”

I thought carefully and I said I had no clue where we can go in Gurugram.

She already had an idea brimming in her…


A family bond of love where eyesight mattered to each one of them

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Dolly’s young days

A beautiful baby girl was born to a well-settled couple. She was like a doll and they named her Dolly. The sad thing was that she was born blind.

The couple took Dolly to many ophthalmic and ophthalmologists but there was no cure for it. …


The crystals flowers are lovely to look at and give happiness too.

Image by author

The fascination for crystals

I always had a fascination for crystals and particularly those in pink color. Rarely did I see pink crystals. …


Some live an ordinary life but their death is honored.

Photo by Jorge Zapata on Unsplash

The little pup and how she grew up.

A little brown and white puppy found her way to Ishwar Nagar, (New Delhi) (India), where I live. No one knows whether somebody left her here or accidentally she found her way here. She somehow stuck here.

The stray dog actually was a bitch who decided to live in Ishwar…


The Augmented Reality (AR)and Virtual Reality (VR) as educational tools will transform education in the future by making learning more effective

WPhoto by XR Expo on Unsplash

What are immersive learning tools? How are they going to benefit the learning process in the future? Do they have potential in education? These are some questions that we need to explore.

Let us first understand that Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are important immersive learning tools and they…

Dr. Preeti Singh

Doctorate in Finance, Professor, Author, I write about Life’s experiences, edutech. Top writer in poetry, travel, and future.

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