Academician, Doctorate, and professor of finance, author, nature lover, yoga enthusiast, enjoy style in life, eternally happy.

I am Dr Preeti Singh. I am from India and live in New Delhi. have been in the academic sphere for five decades. The two main places of work in education have been at Jesus and Mary College. (University of Delhi) and Jagannath International Management School (JIMS) Kalkaji where I was Head, Post Graduate Department of International Business Management. Apart from these positions, I also got many deputations in various prestigious departments of Delhi University.

I was Managing Editor of Journal 8M (The…


Go to heaven is a curse when you are alive, be human.

My first question is why do we respect the dead even when they are useless people?

The second question that I want to raise is why is going to heaven a curse when you are alive and why is it alright to say go to heaven when the same person dies?

At A Condolence Meeting

Let me describe a condolence meeting. The hall is full of people. It is decorated with flowers. There are candles. People are somber and silent.

Everybody was praying. Some were mindful of other people’s existence but others were not.

“He was such a good man said the pundit” (Indian…

Thank God you are well now. Such a sentimental poem.


Showcase its character and charm

A Neat And Well Maintained Home

When you go to someone’s house What is the first thing you notice? A neat clean house, a nice entrance door, and a well-kept house.

Not everyone has a garden but if they have a garden, would you be pleased with a cluttered garden? Uncut hedges, broken flower pots?

The answer would be no. It looks and feels like a cluttered mind.

It does not give a pleasing look.

What are the beautiful things that we receive as gifts from the universe?

We have to work hard and then as a reward we get in return gifts like a beautiful…


Here’s what prayer does.

Theism or Atheism?

Early in the morning, I heard the phone. My friend calls me up and says, “I am down with Covid-19”. Then, another friend calls, she is looking for a bed in a hospital for her husband and cannot find one.

After five calls of getting bad news, I open the newspaper and find two pages of obituaries filled. In the morning newspaper, I find two from my friend’s family. I am completely shocked and full of grief.

I do not go on social media. I avoid Facebook and Instagram except to look for some message of hope and happiness. …


True love should be celebrated in life

Is Love Blind?

Why do people think that love is blind?

To me, it is a connection of the mind and it should be celebrated.

While two people are together they should spend time living happily because the number of years spent together is the time when each moment in their life is special. Never wait that a day will come and we will celebrate it.

I will narrate two real-life stories that make me firmly believe that love is a connection of the mind

Story of Neena and Saurabh: A young lady of twenty-five years of age met a man in her…


Doors offer vibrations to be in the present state of being leading to an intentional life.

Entrance Doors Are Special

Do doors tell you anything about your life?

Do you like specially designed doors in your life?

In India, doors unlock happiness and wealth.

Doors help us to live an intentional life by being in the present and by listening to our vibrations in life.

Doors in India are very special. They are the gateways of our lives. It needs special care. Even ordinary middle-income people take special care to spend the extra money and have the front door specially designed through a designer.

In India, people make beautiful entrance doors. Each home has a different front door style. some…


A prayer of hope and gratitude in the peaceful morning

The beauty of the dawn,
The love of the morning,
The reality, not a dream,
A prayer of hope and love.

The trees are silently smiling,
The Softly rustling breeze,
Birds twittering messages,
The calm serene morning.

The morning is to be at peace,
To be one with the mystic beauty,
The pure natural surroundings,
A time to pray to offer gratitude.

The purity of the early morning,
Makes my heart soar with delight,
To fly high like the birds in the sky,
Freeing from the bonds of the world.

The mystical quiet morning beckons me, To say my prayers…

Dr. Preeti Singh

Doctorate in Finance, Professor, Author, Interested in education, nature, environment, culture, yoga! Top writer in poetry.

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